dallas cowboys schedule 2015

2015 Dallas Cowboys Football Schedule

We’ve got a complete list of all the games that your favorite team is going to play. Watching a football game on TV is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your friends, but an even better way is to actually attend the game with your buddies and see these incredible athletes perform live right in front of your eyes. Check out our Dallas Cowboys schedule 2015 and you’ll be able to pick a game that’s close to your hometown for you and your pals to attend.

Here’s a complete list of all the games the Cowboys will play

What Should You Expect From The Dallas Cowboys This Season?

Practice is going extremely well for the 2015 season. There’s usually about a handful of retired players who attend the practice sessions. In addition to the old players you of course have the head coach, several assistant coaches, a variety of consultants, and of course you’ll have members of the media coming and going to see how the team looks this year.

While these preseason skirmishes always have lots of great players, you don’t usually see someone was a Hall of Famer and also a ring of honor player hanging out around the camps. But that’s exactly what occurred at a recent warm-up session when Randy White decided to hit the field. Randy, or “Manster” as the fans know him, spoke with members of the team once the practice ended, and gave the current roster some pointers on handrails that involved martial arts moves.

A Seasoned Veteran Giving Tips To The Current Crop Of Pros

White said that he had been practicing these handrails for over 40 years. He showed the defensive lineman several different techniques you can use in many different situations. Using your hands is very important in football. With the extremely refined moves that Randy showed them they are sure to be ready for any situation that happens during a real game. Practicing the drills is essential, it’s the constant repetition that gets you ready for real scenarios in competition.

The current defensive coordinator for the team, Rod Marinelli was ecstatic that a legend of the sport came to interact with his team. Just being around a man of that stature is a great motivation booster. He’s a real special player and someone that the Dallas Cowboys can learn a lot from. What makes this legend is such an amazing player though? Rod said that it was that he is the type of player who relentlessly grinds on every play. Every down, and every play he is giving it his all.

Be Sure To Catch The Guys At A Live Game

By taking a look at our Dallas Cowboys schedule, you’ll be able to see the team use the techniques that they’ve learned from Randy in real life games. The team is sharp and hungrier than ever. They have an excellent lineup that is sure to see them advancing deep into this year’s playoffs. Don’t miss your chance to see an amazing football team take the field and score those touchdowns!

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