Family Vacation Spots in the United States

yellowstone-gc_-555x415North and South Carolina

The enchanting Blue Ridge Mountains
Visit North Carolina and spend your vacation at High Hampton Country Inn. If it’s a winter vacation, then this resort would be an ideal place to stay. It is located on Blue Ridge mountains amidst tall hemlocks and mountain laurels. Myrtle beach in South Carolina is an excellent place to enjoy holidays with your family. Numerous hotels are located on the beach, where you can halt for a couple of days. You can also enjoy the amusements parks, sports and games.


The arch of St. Louis
Missouri lies on the top of Table Rock Lake and is nestled in the wooded hill sides of Ozark Mountains. If you are eager to spend your holidays in the lap of nature, then you must head to this place. Attractions in Missouri include Edge of Hell Haunted House, KansasCity; The Bonne Terre Mines, Bonne Terre; Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, Branson; Six Flags Amusement Parks, St. Louis and Children’s Aquarium, St. Louis.


The Walt Disney Concert Hall
The Natural History Museum of L.A. Country, California Science Center, and The

Hiking and Camping Tips

hiking-campers-at-linville-gorge-tbSummer is the time when most of us love being outdoors. When outdoors, hiking or camping are two fun activities that make you appreciate nature and are best-suited for summer. You are close to nature; where you fall asleep under the dim moonlight and wake up to the sound of birds chirping. You can go hiking in the mountains and camp out on a flat hilltop, or in the woods by the riverside. But first, you need to take a few precautions.

Once you decide on the location and the day you wish to start off on your hike, you should move on to making a list of things that you should carry along, things that you can do without, and things that should be completely avoided on a hiking-cum-camping trip.

The first and foremost priority must be given to your footwear. Appropriate and comfortable boots are essential to make your hiking trip a success. Depending on the location, you could choose between lightweight, medium, or heavy weight boots. Along with the boots, pack few pairs of hiking

Summer Vacation Ideas for Couples

reasons-to-take-a-mini-moonSummer vacation is the perfect time to enjoy the company of your partner. The holidays bring forth a feeling of togetherness and you can savor those intimate moments for which you might have been longing for. Above all, this break from the daily chores would be intensely relaxing for both of you.

During summer season, you should ideally plan for a trip to hill stations or visit places having cool climate. Do not visit tropical destinations with extreme hot and humid climate during the peak summer time. You can avail budget package tours offered by travel agencies and plan out the activities you would want to do during the vacation. To be precise your travel itinerary should be ready before you set out for the journey. We have presented some brilliant ideas to spend summer vacation with your beloved over here.

Travel and Tour

• One of the best holiday destinations of summer season is Europe. Take your partner to the Scandinavian peaks and the Swiss Alps. Paris, Venice, Greece, and Italy are destinations meant ideally for couples. You will experience the exotic beauty

Family Adventure Vacations

If you realize that it has been long since you have been on a holiday with your family, here’s something for you. If you and your family members are of the adventurous type, an adventure outing could be a good choice for your vacation. You might like to go hiking to someplace less visited, or engage in extreme sports. You might want to enjoy a forest trail and explore the wild, or go family camping by the riverside. The options are plenty. It’s you who makes the choice.


Some enjoy sailing to marinas, which provide tourists with convenient docks and easy access to restaurants. Some prefer to visit sheltered bays and calm waters, while others may like to sail on a yacht to the high seas of Goa. If you enjoy nature’s company, you can choose to go sailing in the quiet river waters with your family, watching sea birds and enjoying the cool breeze. Some of you might like to cruise in the marinas, chatting with your dear ones over a glass of wine or engage in water sports to add a tinge of adventure to your sailing holiday. The Exumas in Bahamas, the Whitsunday Islands in Australia,

Vacation Ideas for Families

Vacations are great stress busters! Therefore everyone of us would like to head off for a vacation to any place which would rejuvenate our body as well as mind. Now, if we have our family with us, all the enjoyment, fun and excitement doubles and we could have a vacation like never before! In a family vacation, we would have young kids entertaining us all the way, we would have seniors with whom we’ll feel protected, and teenagers that would be excited and enthusiastic to experience everything that comes in their way! And above all, we ourselves would feel cheerful when all our beloved ones are happy. This article suggests some vacation ideas that would add up to the quality of your vacation, and also have something enjoyable for everyone.

Family Vacation Ideas

Beaches – From Sun to Sand!
Beaches! A beach vacation is liked by everyone, as it is full of excitement and enjoyment for everyone. Well, this is because, kids can have a great time playing with the waves, teenagers can spend time snorkeling and surfing in the blues of the ocean, couples can spend quality time, going around for a long walk along the coast and seniors

Family Vacation Destinations

Most families cling to the idea that everyone traveling should be happy, but more often than not, the deck is generally stacked against them! Sometimes, the more you try to force yourself to have fun, the more fake your enthusiasm will be. Fun can never be coerced and your kids are definitely going to get bored by an uninspiring destination. So, picking the right place that works for the whole family can make a world of difference for you.

Whether you want to just relax or have an action-packed and fun sojourn, choosing the right holiday spot is essential. There is a lot of thinking that goes into planning a family trip after all!

Take Your Family on an Exciting Vacation

If you are seriously contemplating going on a vacation sometime in the near future, then why go in for the same old itineraries that everyone else goes for? Be different! Try out something new! Here are ten of the hottest destinations that you can take your family to.


Mexico provides the traveler with everything he ever wanted-from beautiful beaches and exotic historical sites to a crazy and wild nightlife. It has some of the most spectacular landscapes that include deserts, mountains,

Tips for First-time Campers

One of the most popular outdoor recreational activities has always been camping. This is one such activity that helps us connect with nature, and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. But it would also require loads of preparation in advance. Those who are having their first brush with camping will need to prepare for a lot of things beforehand. The last thing you would want is to be stranded at a camping site with something amiss!

If You’re Camping for the First Time
Clothing is something that might seem tricky to pack, you can never be sure about the weather; it might be too hot during the day and freezing at night! The last thing you would want is the biting cold bothering your toes. Do ensure that you pack some extra socks, light cotton clothes, and heavy sweaters/jackets, along with a regular pair of shoes (leave the branded ones at home), and even some sturdy hiking boots. After all, you will definitely be moving about the site to explore it as well. And just in case you come across a gorgeous lake, don’t forget to pack your swimwear! You wouldn’t want to regret missing out

Tent Camping Tips

Many who love to spend their free time in the woods or like to stay connected to nature in the closest way possible, resort to the very popular idea of tent camping. Sometimes, camping outdoors can also bring about a new set of problems for those who are not accustomed to the same. However, it can help you have a fun time, provided you are completely ready for it. And, this article with some valuable tips will help you do just that. Follow these through and rest assured you will have a great time outdoors without any mishaps or hassles.

Practice Would Make You Perfect

You really wouldn’t want to reach your camping site only to realize that you have no clue about camping or how to put up your tent. If you practice setting a tent at home, you would have an easier time when you are at the actual campsite.

Reach the Campsite at An Early Hour

This would be one of the topmost things you would have to do. If you reach your campsite early in the day, you can have the entire day to get your things in order and put up your tent easily during the daytime,

Benefits of Camping

What would you wish to do on a long weekend? Relax at home, catch up or meet friends and family, or get away from the same old routine and head for the outdoors? If you choose to do the latter, then camping is a great option that is sure to refresh your mind and rejuvenate you completely. It is one of the best recreational activities that is a favorite among people of all ages the world over. The benefits of camping are multifarious, with each person gaining something different from the experience.

Studies have shown that humans subconsciously desire to connect with the natural world, by surrounding themselves with plants, the wilderness, and the seas. Termed as ‘biophilia’ by medical professionals, it has brought to light a fact we always knew, that the outdoors have a positive effect on a person’s quality of life. So, before you drop the idea of camping, take a look at some of its benefits.

Advantages of Camping

Family Time
Camping is one of the best ways to connect and bond with your family. If a hectic work schedule is leaving you with little or no time for your family, a weekend camping trip is the

Cheap Camping Equipment

It’s your annual father-son weekend, and you promised your son that this time it would be different. This time it wouldn’t be a weekend at some amusement or theme park (though you thought those were fun), this time your son wants some adventure, and he wants to use his boy-scout skills. So yes, you have promised to take him fishing, hunting, or camping.

If you are looking for an enjoyable weekend, one that is stress-free and without any trauma, you need to have the right kind of camping equipment. The right equipment will ensure that your weekend is a success. A camping vacation is a great way to have fun among nature, away from the noise and pollution of the city, but if you do not want to end up drenched or uncomfortable on your trip, you need to have a few basic camping supplies.

Camping Equipment: The Essentials

What sort of equipment you buy depends on personal choice, budget, and requirements. But there is some essential equipment that every camper should have, irrespective of whether he is in an RV, trailer, car, or on foot.

  • Camping Tent: Now, this is the most essential camping gear. These days there are

How to Set Up a Tent

Tents have been used for accommodation since ancient times. It has been used by explorers, adventurers, for refugee camps, and also during emergencies. It is the most basic camping equipment and is also used, sometimes, by kids as a playhouse. Before choosing a camping tent make sure it is durable.

Things Required

Most of the items required to pitch a tent usually come along with the tent itself. If not, then you will need to buy a few things like a ground cover, stakes, rods, or snow pegs, and a hammer or mallet to drive the stakes in.

Method of Pitching a Tent

➡ Look for a flat ground to set up a tent. Flat ground is also comfortable to sleep at night. In case of snowy regions, try to find even land. Clear all debris, dried leaves, and twigs from the surface and make it as smooth and even as possible. Take into consideration the direction of inclination or slope before building a tent.

➡ Place the ground cover on the surface where you need to build the tent. Some people may think that ground cover can be used optionally. On the contrary, it will protect the surface and help to keep

Ideas for Camping Trips with Family

Some experiences just make for better experiences than others. Whether it’s a long holiday, or a short camping trip, these are also some of those experiences which help create some of the best memories with the family. Given that it is time that you are looking to spend with your family, you would also want it to be as special and fun as it possibly could. What acts as an added advantage is the fact that a trip like this can also turn out to be one of the most economical little vacations that could be taken with the family. At the end of the day, that is the point anyway, right? It’s about the time spent with each other that matters greatly. There is however one crucial factor, and that is, planning the camping trip well so as to be able to make the most of it, despite the short span of time of the trip by itself. Here are a few ideas that you could maybe use.

Planning a Camping Trip

Planning camping trips with family or even friends for that matter must be done in such a manner that it is practical, hassle-free and fun, all at

Types of Tents for Camping

While picking the right tent, do pay close attention to its size and bulk, material used, and ease of pitching before you factor in the cost. This will ensure that you have a sturdy and manageable tent, instead of a cheap, but complicated contraption.
Camping, as a recreational activity has quite the historic beginnings. It was once seen as the best way ‘to get away from it all’, when one actually wanted to take a break in order to enjoy the wilderness. But with the passage of time, camping went from being a hard worker’s only means of solitude to something that’s enjoyed with family and friends. Undoubtedly, the ease of transport, availability of camping gear, and the spate of camping grounds around towns and cities has sky-rocketed the popularity of camping.

A-shaped/Ridge Tents

We begin with the original tent, which is far from the domes and tunnels of today. Well, it has undergone a sort of metamorphosis to suit today’s times. Ridge tents have two poles at either ends, with a cross pole holding it up. The size of the tent can be altered, and the fabric of choice is up to you.
These tents are non-fussy

What to Pack for Backpacking Trips

Packing on a Budget

If you are planning a long backpacking trip in Europe, South America, or elsewhere, you have probably started to think about what to pack. Usually, backpacking trips involve a lot of travel by bus, train, or even hitchhiking, and getting from one place to another can often mean getting as close as possible and then walking the rest of the way. The reason for this is that backpackers are traveling on a budget and usually don’t want to rent a car or hire a taxi to take them everywhere they need to go. Traveling on a budget means packing light, and when preparing for a backpacking trip this can be one of the most challenging tasks.

Half the Clothes, Twice the Money

A handy rule of thumb for all types of travel is to bring half as many clothes as you think you need and twice as much money as you think you need. Unless you have a natural talent for packing light and being thrifty, it is probably a good idea to follow this advice. For almost all backpackers, from beginners to seasoned veterans, money is the first thing that runs out and excess clothing ends

Ultralight Backpacking Tips

Traditional backpacking is no more the norm in the trekking world. As such, there is no hard and fast rule as to what constitutes an ultralight backpacking. As a thumb rule, it is generally considered that ultralight backpack weighs between 5 – 10 pounds. You can lessen or increase couple of pounds as there is no rule book that states ultralight backpacking is strictly less than 10 pounds. Nevertheless, we will continue our discussion further by considering ultralight weight in the range five to ten pounds.

Ultralight Backpacking Tips and Tricks

It’s All in the Mind…
We’re accustomed to filling our bags with lots of unnecessary stuff. To become an ultralight backpacker, you have to get rid of the mentality of packing anything and everything you get! Yes, free your mind! Let it be free, lightweight. What do you experience if all thoughts are just washed away? Relaxation and calmness! Isn’t it? So, the same you have to do while backpacking. Challenge your traditional thinking. You just have to carry the necessary stuff, that is multipurpose and things that you absolutely cannot do without.

It’s All for the Body
Now when you carry light weight, it’s easy on your body too.

Hot and Happening Travel Spots

What you’ll find here is a list of places you must absolutely book your tickets to fly over to, be either for a family vacation, a trip for two, or even if you want to have it your way on a solitary holiday. You could meet new people, and explore new places that are waiting for tourists to head on over to.


A popular beach near Santa Marta
A beautiful place tucked away in South America that many people are skeptical about visiting because of conflicts, but it is safe for travelers to head on there on a holiday. You could explore the city with its many skyscrapers, or go to nightclubs and hang out with the locals. Walks on the beaches will stun you with their clean blue views of the Caribbean Sea. It is a great place for couples looking for some memorable times away from home.


A bird’s eye view of stunning Shanghai
The city of Shanghai serves as a perfect destination for families and couples as it is a place where the food, people, and places crave attention from tourists. If you live in the city looking for some peace and quiet,

Cheap Vacation Spots

When your budget is moderate, it’s natural for you to plan a trip to a place that is cheap and within your afford. We have provided you some holiday destinations over here that are quite inexpensive.

Cheap Destinations Around the Globe
The holiday destinations mentioned in the next segment have reasonably priced resorts and the daily expenses are easily bearable. You can manage your finances effectively without worrying on a huge dent getting created in your bank balance.

Kerala, India

House boat in Kerala
The tree house in Kerala is a peaceful and serene place. Nestled between thick jungles and located on a vast treetop (height 90 feet), it’s one of the most beautiful places in India. Kerala abounds natural beauty and is a perfect honeymoon destination.

Goa, India

Aguada Beach, Goa
The tree house in Kerala is a peaceful and serene place. Nestled between thick jungles and located on a vast treetop (height 90 feet), it’s one of the most beautiful places in India. Kerala abounds natural beauty and is a perfect honeymoon destination.

Sedona, Arizona

Red Rocks of Sedona
Sedona or the ‘red rock country’ has some wonderful places to view. The Oak Creek Canyon

Fun Vacation Spots for Kids

Vacations with kids can be a fun or a painful experience, depending on how you have planned it out. It is essential that while you decide on your next family vacation spot, you take into account the likes and dislikes of children. It is also imperative that you understand the tolerance level of your kids, for things like crowds, heat and noise which are important factors in determining the type of vacation place, that will be ideal for your family.

As opposed to popular notion, choosing vacation spots for kid, need not actually burn a hole in your pocket. Children are not really that hard to please and are happy enjoying the simple pleasures of life. They are as excited making sandcastles on the beach or collecting ants in a pail at the campground, as they are spending their days in some exotic location. Here is a list of the most sizzling vacation spots, that will delight even those children that are the hardest to please and is a fun place for the entire family.

Fun Vacation Spots Kids Would Enjoy
You may wonder why 7 fun spots have been listed here. Not 5, not 10, but 7! Well, because

Best Vacation Spots in The World

Everyone has their own interpretation of the best vacation destinations. Some like destinations that are thriving with activity, while some travel oceans in search of tranquility. Vacationers look for something new, while loyalists frequent their favorites haunts. All in all, considering everything, there are just a few places that you can call ‘different’. These places offer something unique, experiences that are usually unmatched. Of course, there are exotic destinations like Antarctica and Samoa, but then traveling there is no cakewalk.

Bora bora,Tahiti

Best time to visit
May to October
Located in the Leeward group of Society Islands, you can reach this Pacific island by a one-hour flight from Tahiti. The island mesmerizes every tourist, and has a picturesque backdrop like no other vacation spot you must have ever seen. The population of this island is just about 9,000, and half of it resides in the city of Vaitape. The rest of the island is sparsely inhabited, which gives tourists the much-desired seclusion. Activities range from scuba diving, to watching shark feedings, to lagoon excursions, to even safaris. The island is surrounded by a number of islets known as motus. Most of the resorts are located on these, in

Nice Family Vacation Spots

Family vacations are an ideal way to unwind, and they offer a much-needed break from our hectic schedules. Going on a holiday can prove to be an exciting experience for the entire family. After all, everyone wants to spend quality time with their loved ones and more so if it is somewhere far away on a serene island or a golden beach. This is all the more true for the kids who really look forward to these outings. However, to make sure that a vacation turns out to be truly memorable for you and your family, you need to plan everything well in advance. Needless to say, the first thing you need to decide upon is the vacation spot. Zeroing in on a holiday destination can be a tough job, given the many options available. All the same, here are some nice family vacation spots to make it easier for you to choose one.

Nice Vacation Spots for Your Family
When choosing a destination for your family vacation, go for one that has something for every member of your family. For example, if you enjoy swimming and your son or daughter is into paragliding, decide on a